Dr. Rob Myers, Senior Pastor

When you meet Pastor Rob you will quickly become aware of three things that are important to him: his love for preaching the Word of God, his love for his family, and his love for his church family. Moreover, Dr. Myers is a gifted and faithful teacher whose messages combine sound, Biblical preaching, and practical, candid application. His extensive historical knowledge provides context, insight, and understanding as he encourages his listeners to join him in becoming a student of God’s Word.

As a Pastor with 36 years of experience, Pastor Rob is committed to equipping the church body to become the mature disciple making organization that Christ intended. Currently, He has published a set of books on Discipleship called The Xristos Factor. The books are a ten-week intensive guided study and devotional on becoming mature disciples in Christ. He also has a daily radio Bible program on Life F.M., where thousands of people hear the clear Word of God all throughout the metro Miami area Monday through Friday.

For the last 15 years under Pastor Rob’s loving guidance, Miami Baptist Church has become one of the most integrated and relevant churches in the Miami area. Also, Miami Baptist Church is known as a place where the gospel is preached, the presence of God is experienced and the love of God is felt. Miami Baptist Church truly is a life-giving church with a relevant message that helps people connect with God and with one another.

A Brief History

Pastor Rob was born in Dallas Texas, 1956, and is the son of First Baptist Church Dallas, recreation pioneers, Bob & Jeane Myers and eventual IMB Missionaries to Panama. As a young man on the mission field with his parents, he became conversationally fluent in Spanish. Consequently, this experience in missions birthed a driving desire to be involved in world missions and to lead this church to do the same! Several times a year he travels to teach pastors around the Caribbean and the Southern Americas as an adjunct professor at Indiana Wesleyan University. He has led our church to work with the PEACE plan with Saddleback Church.

Pastor Myers is a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University (Bachelor of Arts) Southwestern Theological Seminary (Master’s in Divinity) and John Wesley University (Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership).

In 1981 he married a wonderful partner in ministry, Dr. Estelle Myers. They have served arm in arm in their ministry of church and family. They have three fantastic adult sons: Robert, who works for the U.S. Senate Republican Conference; Pastor Mike Myers (wife Allie and granddaughter Rebecca) and Pastor/Evangelist Thomas Myers.

Dr. Estelle Myers

Church & School Administrator & Leader of Woman’s Ministries

There are few women that you will ever meet that have as dynamic a ministry as Dr. Estelle Myers. Not only is she a gifted Bible teacher and counselor, she excels with the biblical gift of administration. Specifically, she has been instrumental in working at Pastor Rob’s side to create and develop many young people into positions of leadership within our organization.

At present, Estelle is fulfilling the vision of the church to have a Christian school and is currently the headmaster. Estelle leads the women’s ministry teams in mentoring, and in missions. She is frequently a women’s conference speaker. There are few women who can teach the word of God as she does. Estelle has helped to organize almost every facet of our church. She is a true disciple maker, and as she and Rob have been in our church for the last 15 years, she is now intent on equipping the next generation of church leaders for Miami Baptist Church. She is one of the best marital counselors in Miami and leads our counseling program at the church.

Dr. Estelle has her bachelor of arts degree from California Baptist University; her Masters in Religious Education with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling from Southwestern Theological Seminary, and her Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership from John Wesley University.

In 1981 she married her partner in ministry, Dr. Rob Myers. They have served arm in arm in their ministry of church and family. They have three fantastic adult sons: Robert, who works for the U.S. Senate Republican Conference; Pastor Mike Myers (wife Allie and granddaughter Rebecca) and Pastor/Evangelist Thomas Myers.

Rev. Mike Myers

Teaching Pastor

As a Youth Pastor of 6 years, Mike’s greatest desire is to see young people come to know Christ and then truly walk in the will of the Lord. Over and over again, the area youth come to know Christ personally through his strong Biblical preaching which is delivered in a way that the young people can relate to. He is an amazing verse by verse Bible teacher who finds extremely creative ways to relate the material.  Now as the Teaching Pastor, Mike often fills the role of speaking in the main Sunday morning services as well.

Mike is married to his wonderful wife, Alessandra Myers and is Father to Rebecca Myers who is soon to be joined by another sibling soon! He is a high school graduate of Florida Christian High School; Graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. in Psychology and is currently completing a Masters degree at Trinity International University-Florida located locally in Miami.

Dr. Bob Brumley

Associate Pastor

It is wonderful to have on our team, a man who is truly humble in the eyes of the Lord. Pastor Bob, came to Miami Baptist Church over five years ago with a servants heart. He has been a “right hand man,” to Pastor Rob. Currently he works on our first Impressions, Men’s ministry and mission’s teams. As the Director of Global Studies for Indiana Wesleyan University, Bob has introduced Dr. Rob and Dr. Estelle to teaching Pastors and educators overseas. He heads up many of our missions trips.

Dr. Brumeley has his Masters in Ministry Leadership from Rockbridge Seminary and his Ph.D. in Education From Southern Illinois University. He is married to his wonderful wife Carmen and has two wonderful children.




Dann Seifert

Worship Pastor

Dann moved to Miami from Brazil in January 2017 and has been working at our church since December 2017. He has been an essential part of our staff as the Worship Arts Director in Media, Production, and Sound. Dann is an experienced music teacher, leader, musician who loves serving others. He grew up in a Christian home where his father is a Pastor, and his mother is a Worship Leader. That being said, music has been a part of his life since before he was born. Dann is currently in charge of recruiting, training and coordinating the Worship, Sound, and Production teams at MBC. He has a bachelor’s degree in Music and looks forward to continuing his studies in seminary. Dann was officially ordained

Isabel Seifert

Multi-Lingual Children’s Christian Education Coordinator

Isabel is passionate about children! She was Born in Brazil, lived in Bonaire, Ecuador, and the US. Isabel has always been involved in some type of church ministry, and she comes from a missionary home. Both she and her husband, Dann, came to Miami in January 2017, and have been part of our staff since December 2017. Isabel loves sharing about God’s love and teaching the Gospel. At MBC, she is the Children’s Director, and assists in administrative needs for both church and school. Her goal is to recruit, train and encourage volunteers as they get involved, using their gifts and talents to serve God in the Children’s Ministry. Her studies are in Human Resources, and she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Theology.

Nicholas Haddock

Youth Director

At the age of 16, Nick felt the call to full time ministry and decided that he would walk in his calling by pursuing his undergraduates degree in Christian Ministries from Trinity International University-Florida. Presently Nick is the Director of Marketing at Trinity International University, Florida, also, as of this year, he is the new Youth Director for Lifted YTH. Furthermore, Nick enjoys the creative side of marketing such as photography, graphic design, web design, videography, social and communications. He hopes to continue his education with a graduate degree in Global Leadership.