A Service Just for Young Adults

Sundays @ 6PM

The Antioch Service is our Young Adults Service here at Miami Baptist Church. In this service, we strive to present solid biblical teaching and gospel-centered messages in such a way that will relate to young professionals in this metropolitan community. We are unapologetically Christ-centered and desire to show the love of God to whoever needs it.

Our world is full of churches who are straying from the truth of the Scripture and who are consequently falling away from what it means to be a true Christian. At MBC we strive to present the grace that our community desperately desires while upholding the truth that our community desperately needs. Why? Because we truly love our community and we trust that God’s way is the best way.

So, are you interested in a biblically grounded young adult’s service? One that shows you what following Christ is really about? We would love to have you!

Antioch was the first place people were called “Christians.” Before Antioch, Christians were often called followers of “The Way.” But something powerful happened in the city of Antioch; people started calling believers Christians, identifying them not with their nationality but with Christ.

Here at the the Antioch service, we want to be identified with Christ! We aim to throw off all worldly identifiers and seek to be identified with the person Jesus Christ. His life is the thing that defines us, He is our loyalty, His Kingdom is our Kingdom, we are His Christians.